Zoe King
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“Voyage of the Narcissist”

Zoe King

24 September – October 4, 2010


Zoe King

15 – 22 October, 2011

Zoe King

Zoe King

“Zoe King Debut Exhibiton”

July 8 - 14, 2010

This is Zoe Kings first solo exhibition. A Debut Exhibition that showcases her skills and talents in the fine arts and photography.

Zoe King lives near the small border town of Hebel in South-Western Queensland. She has been painting, drawing and experimenting with the Arts for 16years. Zoe has worked under the name Zoe King, Zoe Hayden and Zose (pronounced like ‘rose’).

Zoe’s artistic style is influenced by the French impressionist masters and the surrealist Salvador Dali. Her use of bold colours to create strong emotive works reflects deep spirituality and her affinity with the subject matter.

During a family trip to Broken Hill the vast landscape, intense colors and the land forms had a profound effect on her. The deep red of the earth and the crisp blue hue of the sky, play a big part in a lot of her work. The juxtaposition of these real life elements echo in her personal and professional life as well.

Zoe studied Art at High School and during this time worked at local markets making art and craft items including candles, dream catchers, small drawings and bead work with some silver jewelry recycling and repairs.

With the encouragement of her family she enrolled in Studied Design Fundamentals at Orange TAFE, where her skills were more formalized and she was introduced to computer generated and manipulated art.

Zoe artistic career began as an Inker and comic book artist for an emerging comic book. She continued to draw in pen and ink, experimenting with colour and mediums. The popularity of her pen and ink illustrations lead to her being hired as an Illustrator for small private publication, where she illustrated the stories, articles and general reader contributions for a number of years.

After a successful co exhibition with artists from the Artist Directions Co-Op, she began studies towards a Bachelor of Arts at the Australian Catholic University eventually transferring to Griffith University and completing a degree in Education.