Roslyn Brasier

Roslyn Brasier

“Colourful Impressions from a travellers diary…”

July 17 - August 1, 2010

Roslyn Brasier has been an enthusiastic artist from an early age, drawing as a young child, painting and sketching whenever she has any spare time.

There have been many exhibitions where she has won prizes and sold her works, both nationally. As a member of the Society of Mountain Artists, she has been tutored by prominent fellow artists as well as being a student and exhibitor at the Royal Art Society in Sydney.

Roslyn has come to love traditional landscapes done in oil but other mediums are used and my inspirations come from the places visited when traveling with her husband, Frank, by caravan all over this beautiful and diverse country. The main subjects are old houses, tumbled down sheds, rickety fences and lots of gum trees in all their different shapes and colours. “My main references are photos, usually taken at 90kph as the scenes travel past our car – we used to stop every time inspiration struck, but this amazing country of ours holds so many beautiful scenes we just couldn’t stop at every one”.

Roslyn has been coming to the Ridge for over 20 years and has relatives and friends here. “I have seen great changes, some even for the better, but a little of the old character has been replaced by modern lifestyles”.

Apart from being a casual nurse and midwife, Roslyn teaches art, watercolour, oil, drawing and sketching at her local Community College, which she loves. Roslyn is more than willing to assist anyone interested in doing any of these subjects while in the gallery. “Just come and have a chat, bring a favourite photo along or works you have already done, I would enjoy seeing them and you”. Maybe you would like some help, she also teaches children.