Ridge Island

Karin Thurston

“Sand, mud and colour from the shores of an ancient inland sea”

September 1 – October 7, 2011
Open Daily 10am – 3pm

My paintings are inspired by the tracks and cracks in the mud baking under our summer sun. I am enthused by the energy and symmetry of patterns. Tracks of bugs, centipedes, birds all crisscross our landscape. Originating from a Gamilaraay background, spirituality exists in all my art forms - I am of the Dhulii, sand goanna people and my spirit is giniybarra the tree. My Legacy is to continue sand painting - to mentor sand artists. Sand painting uses the local Lightning Ridge sands that have been washed and traditionally smoked with sandalwood.

Through Art, I can take my place in the universe, uncluttered by the demands of life, both mental and physical. My art is the story of my life. I am drawn to the opal for its unique colour blends and ever changing flashes of sunlight refraction.

Circles of energy change and swirl each minute as the sun absorbs the moisture from the drying mud. This is an essential part of aboriginal history and health. As the mud cracked and curled we carefully collected the soft gooey centre – this was our butter containing essential minerals and salts cured by the sun. They also used the mud for decoration and insect repellent. (Care is advised in today’s contaminated environment).

These mud rivers are a part of my world here at the processing area of the opal tail out dams at Lightning Ridge. Opal is extracted from the hard clay level and when they dry, these rivers of mud are returned to back fill a hole or trench for mine rehabilitation. When mining underground I am at one with the earth and the spirits that have walked before me. I can almost feel the inland sea and I can taste it in the opal clays.

Exhibition opening 6 p.m Friday September 30, 2011


Self taught artist – currently working for outback arts as RICDO for Lightning Ridge

Experienced Muralist – Murals at Mendooran, Cowra, Walgett, Collarenebri, Lightning Ridge.

A Member of Warrambool Dreaming

Won at country shows – hung at Jayes gallery Molong – exhibited at Lightning Ridge and Gosford Galleries.