Judith Jackson

“Places, Races and Spaces”

April 1 - April 6, 2010


Judith Jackson has been inspired by art for the last 30 years. She completed courses at Fullerton College in the U.S.A, then graduated from The College of Fine Art Education and taught art for a few years in the 80’s. In 2004 Judy completed a Master of Art in Painting at The College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.

Judith has found art to be the food of life. For most of the time since she graduated she has been inspired by the Australian landscapes. Her first major exhibition at 'The Private Gallery', Surry Hills, Sydney in 1997 was inspired by Bondi Beach. In this series the paintings were vibrant, expressive expanses of colour. One of which was 'King Tides', purchased by a Newtown businessman. Another large painting called 'Six AM Beach Symphony' was five feet by four feet and purchased by a collector who worked as an optometrist and lived at Millers Point, near North Sydney on the water front,
'Six AM Beach Symphony' lives there still, looking at the harbour that inspired it.

Margaret Davies of Summer Hill a Sydney collector, still talks about the painting called 'Lavender Bay' says. “I have owned this oil on canvas representation of Lavender Bay for 9 years. This expertly executed large work is a joy to own and shows no signs of dating, the colours are clear and vibrant and it contains such detail that there is always something fresh to discover”


In the 90’s Judy went through a political phase, painting many politicians such as 'Man of Parliament' a painting of Anthony Albanese now Federal Minister for Transport and Virginia Judge now N.S.W Minister for Fair Trading and the Arts in N.S.W and Andrew Refshauge past Deputy Premier of N.S.W in 1990’s and early 2000. A press release of this time talking about 'Man of Parliament' a large painting of Anthony Albanese states “She has put her heart into this painting, and perhaps part of her soul. She anguished as she painted... she paints in bare feet on two tables in the corridor.... She’ll enter into conversation as work goes well, purse her lips and become lost to company when it doesn’t”.

“But she hasn’t forgotten friends who have supported her ambitions and helped find her a market. Even artists have to live.” There is Luella Carolyn, Margaret, Jen, Irene and others. “Every triumph is shared. Every disappointment aired. She is a volatile woman. She is a responsive woman”.


Judith says that her course in Art Education at The College of Fine Arts gave her many skills and she learnt many art techniques such as lino printing, sculpture, ceramics, and photography painting and drawing. These skills mean that her exhibitions are diverse, such as “Journeys” in 2007 the Hay Exhibition at Shear Outback.

The exhibition 'Waiting for the School Bus' at Cross Bay Gallery Sydney in 2008 was unique, as it displayed photographs and paintings with large expressive strokes on canvas.

A collector who lives on a property in Hillston N.S.W purchased the painting called 'Waiting for the School Bus' it is 4ft x 5ft. The media is of which is thickly coated paint and is the subject is of two school children waiting by the property gate. The orange 'Torana' seen in the distance as the children wait for the school bus gives a strong feeling of emotion.


This exhibition is diverse with photographs, paintings, lino prints, and ceramics.

Firstly I was inspired by the name 'Places, Races, & Spaces' I love the name and the meanings within the name. Because I love the open space of this beautiful landscape around Lightning Ridge and N.S.W. I enjoy the long stretches of road and light at dusk with the purple and red pearls of colour entwined within the landscape. The fact that you never know what you may see, an old barn decaying in the sun, an old half bridge with a railway track long past, or just a simple tyre in the road. Emus or a family of kangaroos bounding in the open and free. Or in fact water and birds. Every turn is a new beginning.

One day when I was driving back to Sydney to see my sick mum, I stoped near Lake Cargelligo and there was this great eagle. Such power, such strength, such wonder. It seemed to say 'you will be OK' as I drove through the night.

Secondly I was inspired by the Swimming Pool at Lightning Ridge and the school carnival the shimmering water and the figures within the landscape. The school community, the kids swimming and the friendships are all a blessing to me.

Thirdly, my photographs depict the stillness and calm that is part of the fauna and flora and this is the reason I keep finding more and more things to admire and to paint, draw or photograph. Each time I drive to Sydney I take many photographs and these have been the source of my paintings, ceramics, and photograhps for this show.

Finally painting and art is such a large part of my life. I live to create and create to live.

I do hope that you too are inspired by the Australian landscape and my work.

Judy Jackson