Helene Buchanan
Previous Exhibitions
“From Flowers to Flames”

Helene Buchanan

June 8 - 15, 2012

Helene Buchanan

Helene Buchanan

“Oil and Water au Natural”

June 10 - 16, 2010

Born in Switzerland, Helene started painting in the late 60's - Fine China and Folk-Art painting. This occupied Helene's time as a hobby, where the interest in the Arts developed. As well as working as a nurse and occupational therapist for the underprivileged, this past-time was also well utilised for working with the patients.

Helene migrated to Australia, and moved to Lightning Ridge in 1982 - Almost immediately got involved with the Art and Craft Society in the town. This small community of up and budding artists, were enthusiastic and Helene got involved and inspired. Painted her first picture in water colour, shortly after joining the Arts and Craft Society, and continued for a number of years in with this medium.

Experimenting with various mediums, Helen painted on rocks, paper and canvas, as well as decorating cushions.

Working as a nurse took a major hold and almost stopped Helene from continuing her creative side as an artist, but remained in the background as a hobby for many years.

Prior to retirement, Helene met Elisabeth Gruber (Babbette), who got Helene involved in drawing, and got inspired to develop more artworks, and the collection grew.

The love of animals and wildlife, flora and fauna, became the main inspiration of Helene's subjects in her paintings and drawings.

Helene's thoughts on painting is to create a little moment of harmony in everyone's life, with colour and shape. The idea of bringing a feeling of happiness to anyone viewing her paintings or drawings, keeps Helene motivated to create more works.

Currently Helene has a collection of around 60 works.

Works which illustrate a journey of Helene's craft.