Ann Golledge
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“Flying Colours”

Ann Golledge

April 14– 20, 2012


Ann Golledge

October 10– 25, 2009

Ann Golledge

Ann Golledge

“Crossing Boundaries”

8 July - 22 July, 2011

Local Lightning Ridge Artist, Ann Golledge is excited about her up-coming Exhibition of paintings titled ‘Crossing Boundaries’. Her first solo Exhibition ‘Imago’ was also the occasion of the official opening of the Ridge ArtSpace, Lightning Ridge in October, 2009. Her most recent Exhibition was at Parliament House in Sydney, where her work was exhibited with well known artists from the country regions.

The Crossing Boundaries collection depicts a ‘rite of passage’ for exploring new connections between the imagination and the visual language of texture and colour depicted in the landscape of Lightning Ridge.

Moving into other worlds of imaginative exploration promotes an independence of mind in unrestrained creativity. This approach causes a re-thinking of the way in which new connections and relationships are made between the senses and the external world of colour and textures. The artist’s unique intuitive style insights refreshing abstract concepts that depict the cyclic patterns and rhythms of living environments in an ever-changing landscape.

To arrive ‘someplace else’ guided by intuitive instinct creates the direction for creative adventure. Her paintings involve an inter-play of innovative elements that become increasingly more fluid and complex in density and design.

Staying on familiar pathways with maps, lights and guideposts is one way. To wander beyond boundaries and fence lines is to be the explorer, the maker and creator of a more enduring impression and inter-relationship with the living environment.

Ultimately the vitality of the Crossing Boundaries artwork collection represents a vibrant sensory pleasure in artistic expression. As the opal mining explorers of the past, with courage, tenacity and spirit, her journey also is to pursue and discover the intrigue of colour that contributed to the enduring legacy of the historical and archeological significance of the Lightning Ridge opal fields.

Ann Golledge achieves a joyful ‘play of colour’ in her unique artistic style that transcends the predictable familiarity of everyday visual experiences.

The ‘Crossing Boundaries’ Exhibition of paintings will be officially opened on Friday the 8th of July 2011 at 7pm, and continue until Friday 22nd July. An Artist talk will be held on Saturday 9th at 10-11am.

The Official Opening by Joan Treweeke.